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Automotives & Appliances

TPO, TPE, Reinforced Compounds

Under the Dynamic leadership of Dr. Kinker Mukherji, a leading name in Polypropylene & Automotives, Bihani Group has set an independent SBU Essem Polyalloys Pvt. Ltd. (EPPL). The company aims to develop and produce specialty Thermoplastic Polyolefinic materials such as Mineral & Glass Reinforced Polypropylene compounds for application in Automotive Bumpers, Dash Board, Door Trims as well as a variety of Exterior & Interior applications. The key guiding factors of EPPL are:

  • Innovative & Out of Box Thinking
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Weight reduction
  • Reduced Environmental Impact

Within a year of inception, EPPL has already been part of Strategic sourcing & product development teams of leading Automotive & OEMS including Volkswagen, Suzuki Motors, Honda; and world leading Automotive Design companies such as IAC International. The company has been instrumental in development of Specialty TPO compound as an initiative for Import substitution added with unpredictable supply thereby bringing cost benefits in excess of 30% on the part. 

Product Range

  • Mineral reinforced PP Compounds
  • Glass Reinforced PP Compounds
  • Flame Retardant & Heat Resistant Polypropylene Compounds
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