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Cable Protection Systems

Standard & Corrugated Tubes

At Bihani, our products are designed to meet stringent operational conditions and internal specifications of Auto Companies & Wire Harness OEMs. International compliances to specifications such as JIS 6771 as well as portfolios of International leaders in this field such as Schlemmer.

Backed with strong integrity towards its customers, Bihani works independently with market leading companies engaged in Automotives, as a strategic team player and in utmost confidence. We at Bihani believe that our products & our portfolio allow us to be a strategic arm of any company which aspires for product Quality & Reliability.

Product Range

  • PVC Compounds for Wire & Cables Insulation & Sheathing Grades Compliant to Various International Specs
  • PVC Automotive Compounds
  • UL Rated PVC Compounds for CM, CMP, CMR, UL 1581, UL 758, UL 82
  • Halogen Free & Flame Retardant Compounds from AEI Compounds Ltd., UK
  • UL, CSA Rated Cross-linkable PE Compounds from SACO Polymers Inc., USA
  • Semi-conductive Compounds for High & EHV Cables (Upto 440 KV)
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