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For over 3 decades, Bihani Group has engaged in manufacturing & trading of processed polymers for various sectors. The company is founded on strong ethos of Innovation, Quality, and Research & Deliverance. From being a specialty focused suppliers to Wire & Cable Industry where our Business Division enjoy leadership in certain segments, the company is committed to creating a diverse product portfolio which will not only enhance service ability of customers in existing segments but will also let our divisions benefit from product & distribution synergies in different markets & applications.

 We aim to implement latest quality and management practices which are in line with the global customer base that we have thereby creating an enterprise which will add economic & social value in areas where it operates in.

 Bihani will continue to diversify in new market segments. Our SBU operating in Clean Energy is working with most advanced companies & technologies globally. Development of Solar Farms and activities in Fuel cells for telecommunications are a part of this venture.

 In the years to come, Bihani will aspire to have a global footprint in a boundary less market and products meeting to stringent standards & compliances making it valuable asset for the industry as well as for the nation.

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