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Liners & Closures

Bihani has been on the forefront of innovation in Development and production of PVC & TPE (PVC FREE) compounds for application in Metal and Plastic closures of Beverages & various other applications in Packaging. The CSD (Carbonated Soft Drinks) market is on its all time high not only with companies like Coca Cola, Pepsi but also Beers, fruit juices, etc. However, in all the caps there is a liner which prevents the gas to release at the time of bottling. We are currently working with suppliers of two of the World Leading beverages companies in the USA and are in process of approvals.

Closure compounds for Crown Corks  

  • PVC Based Compounds for Crown Corks
  • PVC Free Compound for Crown Corks
  • PVC Free Barrier Compounds
  • PVC Free Oxygen Scavenger Compounds

Plastic CSD Closures

  • In Closure liner Compounds
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